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"Self-motivated man" - poem




"Self-motivated man"


Keep oneself to oneself - you choose, not me

Some things from our mind are too good to be true

Prick up your ears, head higher to see

Like a tied long neck giraffe at the ZOO


Do you want see more? Just pick up your eyelids

Believe or not - it's not an impression

Meet in the garden some fruits and kids

They'll cause in you more expression


Put down roots, don't travel abroad

Travelling doesn't make you much smarter

Like guitar riffs from "Phantom Lord"

You should hit the strings harder and harder


Work not so hard? There is not any progress? 

In front of you some penalty or whiplash!

Examination of conscience, need for confess?

Clear your mind from untidy thoughts and cash


Come to me when you change something

Only for good, not for bad - understood?

You can do what you want, even change everything

When you achieve this - will have much better mood








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