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"Open your heart" - poem /I was inspired by the songs: "Open your heart" by Europe (1988) and "Heartbeat" by King Crimson (1982)/




"Open your heart"
/I was inspired by the songs: "Open your heart" by Europe (1988) and "Heartbeat" by King Crimson (1982)/

Used to hanging on the phone
Prefer twisting than pure turning
Never heard phrase "Leave me alone"
Always wanted inside burning


Feeling your heartbeat is all I need
Open your mind to be so close
Feeder of feelings just for feed
I promise I'll give you outstanding rose


Don't hesitate to ask why I'm doing it 
My soul touches the river of tears
Listen to King Crimson's "Beat"
Open the drawer and look for shears


Shears would help you trimming the mettle
Need to trust? Only take control
Feel so hot like in the kettle?
What is better than Rock 'n Roll?


Blood flows always through your veins
Heart like pump can be destroyed
Is your favourite "The Memory Remains"?
Or "Hey You" played by old Pink Floyd?






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