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"Penguins and polar bears" - poem




"Penguins and polar bears"


There is something I can share
With You - hope you'll read this
About penguins and polar bear
I promise - there are not any myths


Penguin's slimmer, bear's much bigger
In cartoons used to be together
This is really delicious trigger
Independent of the weather


Dancing, singing, karaoke
Running, swimming, playing chess
Muscles, bones would be broken
In this case of rarely mess


Penguins loved wearing dress
Bears are always keeping beard
Sometimes listening to swing of jazz
Hope now I am fully cleared


But it's always unreal world
Only cartoons or good films
Long ago I've been told
"Life is but a dream(s)"


In a real life it's not easy
They meet to each other
It's not a reason they are busy
Just ask your sister or brother


Bears from North, penguins from South
It was really slowly said
You and me - we know both
Dreams are only in our head







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