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"Personality Traits" - poem




"Personality Traits"


I met a man the name of "Grumpy"

He was a very talkative guy

He used to look at girls of "Dumpy"

His dreams and aims were always high


He had a friend the name of "Dizzy"

A man who wrote a lot and dark

He often was engaged and "Busy"

Loved people looking like a shark 


Dull and lifeless eyes they had

They scared the children all the time

The guy "The Slow" I have met

It reminded me of scary crime


"The Slow", "The Strong", "The Clumsy" guys

A lot of Trait Personalities

The Sun was set, the Sun will raise

Afraid of getting penalties 


The: "Quiet", "Rush", "Rude" & "Brave"

Some other types of crazy stuff

Some proof of New Romantic Wave

Red Hot Chili - not enough


Now I see the "Mr. Snow"

Very sad and tragic story

How he was killed? I don't know

Will clarify this issue - obligatory








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