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100 oryginalnych płyt

(Ogłoszenie archiwalne)

100 oryginalnych płyt

Autor:  xanx

Typ ogłoszenia:  Sprzedam
Cena:  2000



Madness/ divine

Pink Floyd / dark side of the moon

Pink Floyd/ wish you were here

Pink Floyd/ the wall 2xcd

Pink Floyd/ a momentary lapse of reason

Pink Floyd/ the division bell

Led Zeppelin/ I

Led Zeppelin/ II

Led Zeppelin/ III

Led Zeppelin/ IV

The Blues Brothers


Eric Serra/ the fifth element

Pulp Fiction

Yes/ 90125

The Cardigans/ gran turismo

Bjork/ telegram

Bjork/ post

Bjork/ debut

Bjork/ homogenic

Massive Attack/ blue lines

Massive Attack/ mazzanine

Massive Attack/ protection

Lech Janerka/ co lepsze kawłki

U2/ the best of 1980-1990

U2/ pop

U2/ the joshua tree

U2/ zooropa

Sting/ brand new day

Simply Red/ stars

Simply Red/ blue

P J Harvey/ is this desire?

Jamiroquai/ dynamite

Norah Jones/ the fall

Morcheeba/ the antidote

Frank Zappa/ apostrophe

Frank Zappa/ Guitar

Frank Zappa/ hot rats

Frank Zappa/ sheik yerbouti

Frank Zappa/ the mothers of invention

Body Count/ body count

Perl Jam/ yield

Santana/ supernatural

Santan/ the best of santana

Jon and Vangelis/ the friends of mr cairo

Miles Davis/ doo-bop

Miles Davis/ greatest hits

Miles Davis/ kind of blue

Fat Boy Slim/ you’ve come a long way baby

Madonna/ music

St Germain/ tourist

Herbie Hancock/ future 2 future 2xcd

Elvis/ 30 # hits

The Police/ synchronicity

Dire Straits/ brothers in arms

George Michael/ older


The Jimi Hendrix Experience/ electric ladyland

The Rolling Stones/ bridges to babylon

The Rolling Stones/ stell wheels

The Rolling Stones/ rock and roll circus

The Rolling Stones/ flashpoint

The Rolling Stones/ voovoo lounge

The Rolling Stones/ satisfaction

Fun Lovin’ Criminals/ 100% colombian

Gotan Project/ la revancha del tango

b.b. King/ kansas city, 1972

Pat Matheny Group/ imaginary day

AC DC/ back in black

The Red Hot Chili Peppers/ one hot minute

The Red Hot Chili Peppers/ blood sugar sex magik

The Red Hot Chili Peppers/ the uplift party plan

The Red Hot Chili Peppers/ mothers’s milk

The Red Hot Chili Peppers/ freaky styley

The Red Hot Chili Peppers/ californication

Black Sabbath/ paranoid

Angela McCluskey/ the things we do

Kazik/ los sie musi odmienić

The Yardbirds/ blue eyed blues

Garbage/ version 2,0

Garbage/ garbage

The Chemical Broyhers/ push the button

The Chemical Broyhers/ exit planet dust

The Chemical Broyhers/ dig your own hole

The Smooth Jazz/ ever 4cd

Jan Michel Jarre/ zoolok

Tom Jones/ reload

Peter Gabriel/ birdy

Cypress Hill/ black Sunday

Cypress Hill/ IV

Cypress Hill/ III

Beastie Boys/ hello nasty

Leny Kravitz/ 5

Leny Kravitz/ mama said

Us3/ hand on the torch

Us3/ an ordinary day in an unusual place

Us3/ broadway & 52nd

Tangerine Dream/ ricochet

Tangerine Dream/ rubycon

Prodigy/ breathe

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