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SOtM Mini Server


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Z tego co zrozumiałem pobieżnie przeglądając net, to ma on przejąć funkcję odtwarzania plików ze Squeezeboxa, eliminując go z systemu, sterowanie smartfonem/IPhonem itd. Nie ma Wi-Fi.

Pracuje pod LMS, ma procesor ARM (tak jak SBT) więc nie wszystkie konwertery USB/SPDiF będą go widzieć. Jakość - opiera się na karcie USB SoTM - więc z założenia ma być lepsza niż SBT :-) Pożyjemy, zobaczymy, pewnie zwykły laptop zasilany z baterii z wgranym SqueezePlay da Ci to samo.


"The new SOtM sMS-100 is a mini network player designed to connect to the SOtM sMS-1000 to playback music files via LMS (Logitech Media Server) to remote locations around your home or office.


Built into the same high quality chassis as the dX-USB HD, the sMS-100 is beautifully constructed with an aluminium front panel with power indicator, on the rear are three USB ports, ethernet and power input.


The USB ports allow for connection to your favourite DAC or USB to S/PDIF converter. As the sMS-100 uses the Logitech Media Server as it's network source protocol, it can connect not only to the sMS-1000 Music Server, but any computer running the LMS software.


The sMS-100 uses ethernet only, to ensure un-interupted playback of high resolution music files which can at times be interrupted by network traffic via wireless connections. Playback can be controlled via a computer interface, or via a mobile device using either the Squeezebox or iPeng application."

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