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Prośba o opinię nt. wkładki 320U


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Witam. Mam prosbe. Otoz ponizej przedstawiam garsc danych technicznych bardzo taniej wkladki MM Ortofon 320U. Czy ktorys z szanownych forumowiczow-vinylowcow moglby skomentowac te dane. Moje zdziwienie wzbudzil fakt, ze w tak taniej wkladce igla ma szlif "fine line". Czy warta kupic te wkladke za 150 PLN ?



Output voltage at 1000 Hz,

5cm/sec. 5 mV

Channel balance at 1 kHz 1,5 dB

Channel separation at 1 kHz 22 dB

Channel separation at 15 kHz 15 dB

Frequency range at - 3dB 20-22.000 Hz

Frequency response 20-20.000 Hz ? 1,5 dB

FIM distortion at recommended

tracking force, DIN 45.542 < 1%

Tracking ability at 315Hz at

recommended tracking force 70 ?m

Compliance, dynamic, lateral 25 ?m/mN

Stylus type Nude Fine Line

Stylus tip radius r/R 8/40 mikrometr.

Equivalent stylus tip mass 0,5 mg

Tracking force range 1,25-1,75 g (12,5-17,5 mN)

Tracking force, recommended 1,5 g (15 mN)

Tracking angle 20°

Internal impedance, DC resistance 750 Ohm

Internal inductance 450 mH

Recommended load resistance 47 kOhm

Recommended load capacitance 200-600 pF

Cartridge colour, body/stylus Grey/Grey

Cartridge weight 5 g

Replacement stylus unit 320

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