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CA 640C - szum napędu - wypowiedź firmy


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Dear forum users,


Firstly I must thank you for all your honest and candid feedback. Although we don't always reply directly on the forums, all the issues you raise are taken extremely seriously and acted upon where possible.


I apologise that things have appear to have run away with themselves by a few active (but welcome!) participants and that we have allowed the issue of transformer hum to escalate here on the forum and appear bigger than it really is. Actually it affects a very small number of users, which is reflected in the low returns rate that we experience.


I do however appreciate that there are a small number of customers who have been less than completely satisfied, which is not what I want to see when we genuinely take quality very seriously and take a lot of pride in what we do, something that relects in the consistency of the 5 Star reviews and Awards we get from all over the world, especially on our CD Players which sell in vast volumes to thousands of happy customers.


In our QC testing at Cambridge Audio we have noticed the same hum appear occasionally too in very quiet conditions.


For many years we have been using an E/I (square laminated) transformer in our CD players. When we developed the Azur range, we included a Standby function on our CD players for the first time. Although the transformer noise was the same level as in previous models, some users started noticing a very low level hum when the unit was in Standby mode in a very quiet room.


Based on this user feedback, we have instigated a running change on our 340C/ 540C/640C CD players replacing the E/I transformer with a new toroidal transformer, which eliminates the hum from the minority of units that previously had it. Units with the toroidal transformer have now been in production for up to 3 months now depending on colour and version.


Should you have any questions about your 540C/640C please speak with your local dealer or distributor.


Thank you again for all your comments and feedback. Please do keep them coming. Apologies once again for not addressing the concerns here more swiftly and not putting things in context with the information available to me.


Yours sincerely,

James Johnson-Flint

Chief Executive

Cambridge Audio Ltd / Audio Partnership Plc


Wiadomość z końca sierpnia 2005r z forum na stronie firmy. W skrócie:


Producent stwierdził w końcu szum napędu w odtwarzaczach CD . Od 3 miesięcy produkowane odtwarzacze CD producenta posiadają inny transformator, poprzednio E/I (nie wiem co to jest) obecnie toroidalny. Ciekawe czy będzie to miało wpływ na brzmienie?

Odsyłają też (nie wiem po co) do lokalnego dealera. A przecież w Polsce go nie ma. Bo nie jest nim chyba Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe Ryszard Bałys skoro nawet nie ma o CA wzmianki na ich stronie : (. Szybciej Allegro!

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