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12 SIERPNIA - Kartka z Żółtego Kalendarza: Mark Knopfler, Pat Metheny, Tanita Tikaram, "The Black Album/Metallica"




12 sierpnia:

--> 1949 r. urodził się Mark Knopfler

--> 1955 r. urodził się Pat Metheny

--> 1969 r. urodziła się Tanita Tikaram

--> 1991 r. ukazał się "czarny album" Metalliki





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"Birds" Kari Bremnes

Sł./muz. Kari Bremnes, Ola Bremnes


See the seagulls sitting by the waterfront, like sculptures made of stone.

Watching summer good times fly away and leave the seagulls all alone.

Birds are like words: Suddenly away.

Birds are like words: Some of them will stay.


See the empty seat beneath me Thinking of the days I spent with you.

Memories of what we said are circling in my mind And make me blue.

Words are like birds: Suddenly away.

Words are like birds: Some of them will stay.



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