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"Trash or thrash - that is the question" - poem




"Trash or thrash - that is the question"

Early morning I have seen
Overloaded trash's bin
People buy a lot of thing
More than they can ever bring


Long time ago I thought "trash's" correct
Somebody told me it has to be checked
This kind of music people say "thrash"
Everything will changed into the ash


Ashes to ashes - dust to dust
Great album British Steel's becoming to Rust
Rust in Piece - Piece of Mind
Heavy Metal Music Style I need to find


Fear of the dark - The System has failed
Maybe in the future I will be nailed
To Family Tree, be Addicted do Chaos
Elysian Fields in Blood of Heroes


We could step back 40 years ago
I was a young man and didn't know
That "No life 'til leather" is James Hetfield's song
Some other masterpieces to him belong


Metal Militia, The Four Horsemen
It was too difficult to understand
Jump in the Fire, Seek & Destroy
In eighty-three I was too little boy


I could name a lot of other good songs
There's over my head now a lot of drons
Somebody needs to follow me
I'm not only one - now I can see...








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