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"FSM - Fear of the dark Side of the Moon" - poem 




"FSM - Fear of the dark Side of the Moon"


People say "See you soon"
"Take care" or "Be in touch"
Have never seen "Dark Side of the Moon"
"Good bye" & "Love you so much"


Sun was set, sun will rise
Yesterday I went through the park
Listening to good music styles
For instance grateful "Fear of the Dark"


Dickinson is a famous last name
First names also are so great
Bruce and Emily played The Game
Both aware of fate


Lyrics and poems, Bruce and Emily
Both are fascinating
Read it sure to Your Family
Loveliness demonstrating


Name-day party of my Wife
Is still running now
Take care of all Your Lifes
It will be somehow...



fear-of-the-dark-w-iext44008068.jpgIMG_20231124_162459151~3 (1).jpgIMG_20231124_162459151~3.jpg



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