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Wyprzedaż płyt cd /różne tytuły i wykonawc/ cz.2.

(Ogłoszenie archiwalne)

Wyprzedaż płyt cd /różne tytuły i wykonawc/ cz.2.

Autor:  esoteric55

Typ ogłoszenia:  Sprzedam



Witam . Podaje dalszy ciąg wykazu płyt cd z muzyką jazzowa / kilka płyt art rock/ jakie mam na zbyciu , w związku z "przewietrzeniem" kolekcji .



s.grappelli/s.asmussen = two of a kind = 1993 Elap Music Ltd.

s.getz/l.hampton = hamp and getz = 1955 PolyGram Records

bill cunliffe = bill plays bud = 1996 NAXSOS Jazz /piano/

james zollar = soaring with bird = 1997 NAXSOS Jazz /trumpet/

donny mccaslin = exile and discovery = 1998 NAXSOS Jazz /tenor saxsophone/

sam yzhel = searching = 1997 NAXSOS JAzz /HammondB3 organ/

annie lennox = songs of mass destruction = 2007 Sony BMG

bruce cockburn = christmas = 1993 Sony Music

cuber/brignola/smulyan = three baritone saxophone = 1997 Disque Dreyfus / plays music Mulligan/

didier lockwood = storyboard = 1996 Dosque Dreyfus

prysm = second rhythm = 1998 Blue Note /trio piano/bass/drums/

al jarreau = tenderness = 1994 PolyGram

kansas city band = kc after dark = 1997 PolyGram /muzyka z filmu Kansas City/

terry riley = the padova concert = 1992 Amiata Records / piano solo concert/

j.mcduff/j.defrancesco = it`s about time = 1996 Concord Records /Hammond B3 , guitar/

art pepper = smack up = 1960 ZYX Music / 20 Bit Remastered/

k.d/lange = music from the motion picture = 1993 Sire/Warner Bros. /vocal/

petrucciani/mcclure = cold blues = 1985 p.c. owl Records

składanka = top jazz 99 = 2000 S.I.A.E. /Rava, Mingus,Ellington,Mitchell /

george coleman = i could write a book = 1998 Telarc 20 Bit Digital

sonny rollins = rollins round modnight = 1996 BMG Records

claudio fasoli = resume = 2000 S.I.A.E. /tenor saxsophonist in Italy /

wynton marsalis = quartet live at blues alley = 1998 Sony music / 2 CD/

k.d lang = ingenue = 1992 Sire Records

higgins/drummond/jones = the essence = 1991 dmp

ry cooder = the long riders = 1980 Warner Bros. /muzyka filmowa country/folk /








kontakt :esoteric55@interia.pl

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