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"My Friend of Mis(t)ery" - poem




"My Friend of Mis(t)ery"



Sometimes feel a little strange

It depends on mental range

Thinking a lot of human being

Does it better ice skating or skiing?



The atmosphere is getting colder

Always turned back behind my shoulder

Looking forward is apparently better

Don't look at the badly weather



Do you think you have a good friend?

Maiden's song "To Tame a Land"

Shows me I'm a fragile man

Need a friend? I really can.



My friend's not only mine

Living together taking time

That is better to understand

Amazing song "To Tame a Land"



My Friend's not speaking a lot of words

She's not be able to play guitar chords

But I love her very much

We always stay and will be in touch









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  • Redaktorzy

Mój ulubiony "reaktor" wziął numer "To Tame a Land" na tapet. Słychać (nędznie), że Doug dopiero zaczyna przygodę z nagrywaniem. Było to 2,5 roku temu.

Po czasie wyrobił się, używa w końcu mikrofonu, a nie atrapy.



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