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Kolumny Mission 700...czy to oryginał ?


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Witam mam pytanie odnośnie kolumn Mission 700. Mam możliwość ich zakupu, lecz zauważyłem że głośnik niskotonowy ma wypukłą kopułkę zamiast gładkiej oraz z tyłu na kolumnie jest napisane 4 ohm zamiast 8 ohm.


Czy to jest normalne w tym modelu ?


Oryginał miał wklęsła kopułkę celulozową.

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Acknowledged as the world's finest compact speaker system by technical press throughout Europe, Britain, Canada and the USA, the Mission 700 remains our most sought after product.

And no, it's not upside down! There are many complex reasons for the reversed positions of Missions new 8" driver and the dome tweeter.

There are also many other less visible technical innovations incorporated in this design, most of which are beyond the scope of discussion here. Suffice to say that never before did a speaker system of this size and price offer the qualities and capabilities of our baby 700.



Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 60Hz to 20kHz

Recommended Amplifier: 15 to 80W

Impedance: 8Ω

Sensitivity: 89dB

Bass: 1 x 205mm plastiflex cone

Tweeter: 1 x 19mm ferrofluid dome

Enclosure: bass reflex

Finish: walnut, black ash

Dimensions: 460 x 260 x 255mm

Weight: 6.5kg






The original Mission 700 was a landmark in the history of loudspeaker design such was the acclaim it received and the success it achieved. In fact it is common knowledge that before the 700, budget loudspeakers were simply boom-boxes.

Now, with the benefit of many years of research and refinement, Mission are able to introduce a unique, sophisticated, and high technology bookshelf system - the 700 Leading Edge.

Advanced technology has been used to develop an exceptional 7 inch bass-mid drive unit. Shaped pole pieces and an ultra-fine voice-coil gap combine with a rigid high mass cone, to produce an unusually extended bass response. Refined cone geometry and damping, with progressive hyperbolic suspension affords both high power handling, and inherently low colouration.

This bass-mid unit is complemented by a ferrofluid cooled 19mm dome tweeter. The system is capable of handling musical material with exceptional dynamic range, including digital masters, and remains linear even at modest power levels - unlike many non-linear systems which, at low level, sound little better than a transistor radio.

The unusual inverted drive unit geometry, first designed by Henry Azima in the Mission 700, goes some way towards equalising the distance from the acoustic centres of the drive units to the ears of the normally seated listener. The effect of such a design is that at the crossover frequency the radiation lobe is directed up towards the listener rather than down to the floor.

The refinement goes one step further in the use of a time delayed baffle board resulting in dramatically better acoustic phase linearity, with substantial improvements in realism, dynamics, and stereo imagery. The baffle board itself is precision injection moulded in polypropylene reinforced with natural composite materials. This combines with Mission's multi-fold technique for cabinet construction to ensure phenomenal transient attack.



Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 55Hz to 20kHz

Recommended Amplifier: 20 to 75W

Crossover Frequency: 3500Hz

Impedance: 6Ω

Sensitivity: 90dB

Bass: 1 x 177mm plastiflexed cone

Tweeter: 1 x 19mm polymer dome

Enclosure: 15 litre

Finish: walnut, black ash

Year: 1985

Dimensions: 210 x 205 x 380mm

Weight: 12kg

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